Our Process

Our Clients

Like most of our clients, you are smart, busy and successful.

And you know that financial well-being is more than just accumulating assets. True wealth means confidence in your ability to do what you want to do, live comfortably, and provide for your family and others you care about.

However, you may not have the time or interest to create a plan, manage your investments, and do it well. Most importantly, you want the ongoing guidance of financial professionals to help you stay on course.


You May Be Wondering...

How do I balance all my financial goals?

Will our retirement turn out to be what we've always hoped for?

How will we know how much is enough?

When should I start Social Security?

Will we be able to help our kids get a good start on their adult lives?

What will happen to my family if something happens to me?

What if one of us gets sick? How will we manage extra medical expenses?

Have we missed anything that could derail our plans?


How The Muguira Peterson Group Can Help

1.) How we engage with our clients

We begin by listening - really listening - to our clients' stories. We explore where they are right now, what they want to accomplish, and what brought them to seek our help. This depth of knowledge allows us to help our clients define their vision for the future so that we may best align their resources with the life they envision leading.

2.) Our commitment to helping our clients accomplish what is most important to them

We create a customized plan and investment strategy, designed to encourage our clients to confidently think ahead to "what's next" in life. Our common-sense approach, continued communication and attention to detail enable us to help our clients navigate and adapt to any changes life may bring.

3.) The perspective and continuity we deliver to our clients and their families as a multi-generational practice

With the original business partnership between Gary Peterson and Earl Rose dating back to the early 1970s, The Muguira Peterson Group has since evolved to the current team of Mary, who joined in 1983; Jenny, who joined in 1999; Julie, in 2017; and Shannon, in 2019. Over the years we have developed long-standing relationships with our clients, in some cases now to the fourth generation. We believe that the more we understand about our clients' family dynamics, the better we can help them now and long into the future.