Wealth Management and Financial Planners in Boise, Idaho

Pictured from left to right: Tessa Price, Registered Client Associate; Jennifer Peterson, CFP®, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor; Mary Muguira, CRPC®, CWS®, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor; Shannon Logan, Registered Client Associate; and Julie Muguira Preston, CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor.

Our Mission

Our collaborative process helps you define your financial priorities, allowing us to design an overall strategy that enables you to grow, enjoy, protect and ultimately give your wealth to whomever or whatever is most important to you. We deliver ongoing, proactive and straightforward advice to help you navigate and adapt to any changes life may bring.

Define - We begin by working alongside you to define who and what are most important to you, with special emphasis on your needs, wants and wishes. We also help you identify the resources and tools you already have in place to establish your vision for the future.

Design - The next step is designing your life's financial plan to enable you to grow, enjoy, protect and ultimately give your wealth to the people and organizations that mean the most to you.

Our planning-based approach helps you understand where you will be if you continue on your current path, as well as what you can do to strengthen your overall financial picture. We emphasize the importance of testing your plan, addressing any gaps, and helping you adapt to any unexpected changes life may bring.

Deliver - We track your progress toward your financial goals by monitoring your investment strategy and providing ongoing service, annual reviews and periodic updates to your financial plan.

In addition, we address potential adjustments to your saving and spending strategies, and coach you through both strong and difficult market conditions.